MGI Zip Navigator Motorized Golf Cart Review: PGA Tested

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If you’re like me, then you love spending a lazy day golfing. But walking the entire course can be tiring, especially if you have to carry your clubs! That’s where the MGI Zip Navigator comes in. This is one of the more premium electric push carts on the market, and we wanted to see if it was really worth all the hype. We PGA tested this golf cart to see whether or not it’s worth spending your money. Even though it’s been a long time since I’ve walked the course, I wanted to see if the MGI Zip Navigator made it a more enjoyable experience. Keep reading for our full review.

We also recorded two videos. One for unboxing and assembly and another for a full field test. They are below…

MGI Zip Navigator unboxing and assembly video
MGI Zip Navigator field test by PGA Pro

MGI Zip Navigator Features and Benefits

The MGI Zip Navigator Electric push carts are some of the most popular selling units on the market at the moment. With how much attention they are getting, I wanted to do this MGI Zip Navigator review and video to help you see whether or not the electric cart is worth the money.

In the long run, you save money on cart fees, but it’s worth noting that these electric push carts are a bit investment into your golf game. Here are some of the features and benefits that the manufacturer details.

Patented Gyroscope Straight Tracker

The built-in gyroscope helps to ensure that even when moving over challenging terrain, your MGI Zip Navigator will stay on track. One of the more annoying things about playing golf with an electric push cart is having to constantly correct it and get it back on the path. With the MGI Zip Navigator, that shouldn’t be the case.

Downhill Speed Control

With a standard push cart, it will take off on you if you let it go at the top of a hill. Luckily the MGI Zip Navigator comes with downhill speed control that automatically slows it down, so you don’t go flying down a hill to save your cart.

mgi zip navigator going downhill

Most golf courses feature hilly terrain at some point on the course, and it’s crucial that the Zip Navigator Electric golf push cart can keep up with it.

Lithium 24V 380Wh Battery

The Lithium 24V 380Wh battery allows for 36 holes of golf before you will need to charge the electric cart. This is a great way to get 18 holes of golf in for health benefits and then play an additional nine to work on anything you struggled with on the first round of golf. The battery life is quite strong and something that helps justify the cost.

MGI Zip Navigator battery
Zip Navigator light but powerful battery

Real-Time Readout Color Screen

The LCD screen on the the Zip Navigator gives you a great readout of the unit. The most useful parts I found were easily the current battery level of both the main battery and the remote control.

MGI Zip Navigator screen
Zip Navigator readout screen

Swiveling Front Wheel And Adjustable Back Wheels

The swiveling front wheel not only helps this electric cart when you are navigating it but also if you’re trying to push and maneuver it on your own. When the battery is not on, and you want to just move through the parking lot, the swiveling front wheel allows for more effortless movement.

The back wheels can convert into “no resistance” wheels that make the cart a push cart if it ever were to have a mechanical failure. The wheels also adjust to make the profile of the unit very small to fit into virtually any car along with your clubs.

MGI Zip Navigator rear wheel
Zip Navigator adjustable wheels for mechanical failures and better storage

3 Year Warranty

The MGI Zip Navigator comes with a 3-year warranty. For purchase of this size, the 3 year warranty is appropriate. We can tell you that the overall quality and design of the cart are quite good, and we didn’t see any glaring issues that could turn into warranty related problems.

Remote Control

The remote control is the way that you will direct and navigate this golf cart. Although it takes some time to get used to the remote control, the rear wheels and forward wheels are easily controlled by the remote and allow for left, right, forward, reverse and even speed control.

mgi zip navigator remote control
mgi zip navigator remote control

Positive and Negative Feedback From A PGA Professional

As with all reviews we do, I wanted to give you a really clear understanding of what makes this MGI Zip Navigator Electric Golf Cart great and what makes it not so great. Here are some of the most critical pieces of feedback we can give that could help you make your decisions.

Handles Hills Really Well

I was impressed with the ability of the MGI to handle hills. You can see from our videos that the ability to climb without tipping and to head downhill without getting away from me were both pretty good. If you are going up something really steep, just use a hand to help stabilize the cart, and it should not cause you any issues.

mgi zip navigator going uphill
Zip Navigator tackling a STEEP hill with ease
MGI Zip Navigator rear stabilizer wheel
Zip Navigator rear stabilizer wheel

Adjusts Speeds If Necessary

The speeds are adjustable on the remote, and it helps for those that have a faster or slower stride. There will be no issue with feeling like the cart is falling behind. Customers, in fact, usually have to slow it down to make sure they are not letting it get too far ahead. This is, without a doubt, an agility powered model that will manage all terrains and full speed.

Responds Well To The Remote

The remote control impressed me. I didn’t expect it to work from as far away as it did, and the response time from the remote to the cart was very quick. I never had to press the button more than once to get it to stop or turn when I wanted it to.

MGI Zip Navigator remote working far away
Zip Navigator responding to remote 180 yards away!

Nowhere to Put the Magnetic Rangefinder

There are enough good things about the ZIp Navigator Electric golf cart to make it will worth purchasing. However, I wish they included someplace to hold a magnetic rangefinder. One of the reasons I chose my rangefinder is because of this magnetic technology, and now I can’t use it, which was a bit disappointing.

Have to Pay Attention To Steering

The MGI Zip Navigator allowed me to walk the golf course completely hands-free, something I have never done before (without a caddy). This was a new experience, and it did take a bit of time to get used to. Although this cart goes a long way on one charge, and has great power and features, you can still quickly ruin all the fun by driving it into a pond or getting it stuck in a bunker. Don’t take your eye off it, and make sure you are paying close attention to the direction the MGI Zip Navigator Electric Cart is traveling.

Is The Remote Annoying?

The full directional remote control is a significant reason that golfers purchase this particular electric push cart. However, I had never played golf like this before and was worried about how it would impact my game. I’ve mentioned that I felt like the MGI Zip Navigator Electric Golf Cart had supreme power, but it also had great responsiveness.

I can’t tell you that I love having the remote control in my hand the entire round, but I also won’t tell you that it bothers me. If you are walking down the center of the fairway, it is really easy to control and sturdy, and there isn’t much you have to do besides hit stop.

Truly the ZIP Navigator Electric Golf cart does all the work on the course and eliminates any pushing or maneuvering you would have to do. For powered electric push carts, the remote is your option, and it’s something that you just have to get used to.

Accessories Available for the MGI Zip Navigator

One of the reasons golfers love the MGI Zip Navigator is that there are quite a few different accessories you can also invest in. Some of these include:

  • Rain cover
  • Cooler and Storage Bag
  • Umbrella Holder
  • Seat
  • Scorecard Holder
  • Sand Bottle
  • Wheel Covers
  • Travel Bag

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about the MGI Zip Navigator and its features.

Will the MGI Zip Navigator work from 100 yards away?

When we tested the MGI Zip Navigator, we could get more than 150 yards away from the electric caddy, and it was still working. However, this is a little far, and you don’t want to push this too far and lose control of the cart. Within 100 yards, you should have no trouble getting the cart to respond to the remote.

Does the MGI Zip Navigator hold a staff bag?

In all of our video testing during our MGI Zip Navigator review, we could play golf with a staff bag in place. Many electric carts struggle with this zie golf bag, but it wasn’t a problem for this cart. If you are known for heavy bags and lots of accessories and gear on the golf course, you will do quite well with this cart.

MGI Zip Navigator holding a staff bag
Zip Navigator will hold big golf bags

Will all golf courses allow an electric golf caddy?

Most golf courses will allow an electric golf caddy as long as it is not a caddy only golf course. Some golf courses require you to employ a caddy and will not allow an electric cart or electric push cart. However, this is rare, and most are fine with the MGI Zip Navigator Electric golf push cart.

Can the MGI Zip Navigator tip over?

The MGI Zip Navigator can and will tip; however, the stability bar on the back does help it from tipping backward. In addition, this three wheel design is relatively stable overall. Most golfers have to push the performance on a hill or bumpy terrain to see the cart tip over.

Bottom Line: Is The MGI Zip Navigator Worth It?

After my experience with the MGI Zip Navigator, I decided to partner with the company and start offering this product on The option of walking the golf course and carrying my golf clubs is not there for me. I struggle with back issues and can’t carry my bag, but I still love to walk. The MGI Zip Navigator makes for a great choice, even with a few negatives we found along the way. You will have difficulty finding a better option when it comes to quality, features, and overall usability.

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