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MGI Navigator Ai GPS+ Electric Caddy

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Updated: 3/30/2023

If you have been following us for a while, you know that we did a thorough review of the MGI Zip Navigator electric golf push cart a few months ago. At the time, I was aware that the new Ai model would be hitting the market in March, and I was eager to try it. 

After a trip to the PGA Show, and a meeting with the Vice President of Sales with MGI, I now have all the details that this new model is going to feature. 

An electric push cart is an investment, and when you combine that investment with Ai technology, you may imagine that the price will increase quite a bit. Here is everything you should know about the MGI Navigator Ai GPS+ before you spend money on it. 

You can also check out the video below where I was able to cover all the features and benefits of this unit, coming straight from MGI

What Is The MGI Navigator Ai GPS+? 

Playing golf and walking the course is incredibly beneficial to your golf game and to your mental game. Let’s not forget that the physical health benefits of walking the golf course are also unmatched. 

However, walking can be a lot of work. Without the right push cart, you may find your clubs tip over, you have a hard time navigating corners, or you are simply tired of chasing after the thing all day. 

A caddy would be a great solution, but it’s not always feasible or affordable. 

tiger and joe lacava
Tiger Woods and his caddy Joe Lacava

That’s where the MGI Navigator Ai GPS+ comes in. 

This model is a major advancement in technology in the electric caddy category. The MGI Navigator Ai GPS+ is a golf push cart that has embedded GPS and Bluetooth technology.

Features and Benefits of the MGI Navigator Ai GPS+. 

To ensure that we fully investigated all of the benefits of the MGI Ai GPS+, we walked through the entire product with the Vice President of Sales for MGI, Bill Holbrook. Here is what we learned. 

Compact Folded Position 

Even though the MGI Navigator Ai GPS+ is packed with a ton of technology, it folds down compactly and is made smaller by inverting the wheels. Even if you have a smaller sports car with limited space, fitting the Navigator Ai GPS+ into place will not be difficult. 

mgi navigator ai in folded state
Navigator Ai GPS+ folded small

Quick Unfolding 

The unfolding and folding of the MGI Navigator Ai GPS+ is a one step process. There is a blue button that releases the handle, and you just pull up on it. Once you have the MGI out of its compact stage, you can adjust the handlebar height to work for your natural height. 

The handle locks into place, and it’s ready to go from there. 

Battery In The Middle of The Chassis 

A good portion of the weight in any electric golf caddy is the battery. With the last model of the MGI Navigator, the battery was putting weight toward the back of the unit instead of in the middle to help with stability. The Navigator Ai GPS+ has a battery in the middle of the cart, making it much more stable making it virtually impossible to tip over. 

mgi navigator ai battery
New battery location in middle of chassis rather than in back

If you are worried about tipping backward, there is both the fifth wheel protection and the better battery placement to help keep things from tipping, even on hilly golf courses. 


The MGI Navigator Ai GPS+ weighs 39 pounds. The previous model (Non-Ai version) was 37 pounds, so there is not too much of a difference. Most people can lift 39 pounds in and out of their trunk when finished with a round, but it is certainly heavier than a non-electric push cart. 

Embedded GPS Unit

For the MGI Navigator Ai GPS+ to be able to follow you around the golf course, it needed to have a bit of GPS Technology built in. The GPS unit will pick up on the golf course you are playing, run a quick update and then start tracking where you are on the golf course. 

The screen is easy to read and gives yardage to the front, middle, and back of the green. In addition, the GPS unit can give you some measurements of how far you hit your shots. If you want to start tracking things like distance on your drives, it’s very easy to do so with this GPS unit. 

The embedded GPS unit by the handles

The GPS unit comes built into the unit, and there is no subscription fee to use the GPS year after year. 

Score tracking is also part of what you are able to record with the GPS unit. If you want to keep track of your stats, start to become a better player, and make tracking incredibly easy, it’s just another benefit of the MGI Navigator Ai. 

Movement of the Cart 

There are two ways to move the MGI Navigator Ai GPS+: 

  • Manual mode
  • Remote control mode 
New redesigned remote is smaller, lighter and has better button location

The manual mode is like any other electric golf cart, pushing it with your hand and just steering it around. You won’t have to push hard at all. The wheels are disengaged from the motors in this mode making it SUPER EASY to push around.

Remote control mode is something we have seen in the past from MGI. It’s a slim remote control that has been redesigned to be smaller and with better button locations which makes it easy to keep in your pocket or clipped to your belt. 

Top Three Things To Know About the Navigator Ai GPS+ (Before You Purchase) 

After getting to play around with the MGI Navigator Ai GPS+ at the PGA Show, here are three of the things that I think you need to know before buying. 

Improved Weight Distribution 

The battery on the back of my Navigator was in the back of the cart, and it can tip. Don’t get me wrong, it’s the most stable cart in the industry and I didn’t have much trouble with the cart tipping myself, but no cart is perfect in this are and weight distribution can create a problem. 

The movement of the battery to the center is a tremendous improvement. 

The bottom line, this is not going to tip. 

Beautiful LCD Screen 

The screen looks like a cell phone and works as a full golf GPS device with no monthly fee or charge. When looking at the total price of one of these models, this is something I would keep in mind, as it can help you save a bit of money on a new GPS unit. 

It’s a touch screen, and the functionality is really simple. 

Having this on the cart right in front of you is much easier than constantly pulling a cell phone out and inputting information or using a tiny GPS watch with not picture of the details of the hole.

If the pace of play and the combination of technology is a concern for you, the Navigator Ai GPS+ has really great functionality making it quick to learn and fast to use on the course. 

Great Caddy But No Follow Me Or Geofencing Technology 

This is one intelligent golf push cart. There are 39,000 golf courses loaded into the MGI Navigator Ai GPS+ and it’s easy to use. However, it is lacking the highest end features of a Follow You mode or Geo Fence Technology which the company originally tried to make part of this unit.

Fortunately the pricing of this unit at $1,895 appropriately reflects the capabilities of the unit and is right in line with its competitors.

When Will The MGI Navigator Ai Be Available? 

The latest model of the MGI Navigator is available starting late April, 2023. The product will start shipping then.

The Ai GPS+ unit is available through the GOLFINTEL STORE with free shipping.

There is nothing stopping you from putting the MGI Navigator Ai GPS+ in play for your summer golf rounds. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

There are bound to be several questions about the MGI Navigator Ai GPS+, as this is a brand-new electric push cart. Here are a few that we had and luckily found our answers to when getting a chance to try this out at the PGA Show. 

What is the difference between MGI Zip Navigator Or Navigator AT and MGI Navigator Ai GPS+?

The difference between the MGI Zip Navigator or Navigator AT and the MGI Navigator Ai GPS+ is the fact that the Ai model features full GPS capability and redesigned physical features of the cart. Essentially you will have more stability, more technology, and lots more functionality out of the latest model with all of the technological advancements. 

Does the MGI Navigator Ai GPS+ follow you?

Unfortunately it does not. The price would definitely be higher if it had the follow me feature.

Do you need the remote to use the MGA Navigator Ai GPS+?

The MGI Navigator Ai GPS+ has a remote and can either be used via remote or in manual mode where the remote is not needed.

Can you crash the MGI Navigator Ai GPS+? 

You can definitely crash it into another golfer, push cart, tree or a golf cart that is parked too close to it. Always keep an eye on your electric push cart to avoid these mistakes. 

Is MGI Navigator Ai GPS+ worth it?

The MGI Navigator is well worth the money you pay. I have said it before, and I’ll say it again, I love my MGI Zip Navigator, and the fact that the Ai GPS+ unit is only going to make golf that much better has me excited about how my golf game and health is going to change. In all honesty, I believe the MGI Navigator Ai GPS+ is well worth the price, and if it were priced higher, I would understand. Many competitors out there WITHOUT this type of technology are priced much higher than this unit. Remember that this is also a full GPS device with no annual charge or fee. 

Final Thoughts 

I have found that walking the golf course is truly my favorite way I enjoy playing the game. However, in order to get the full benefits of walking, the proper gear is necessary. The MGI Navigator Ai GPS+ revolutionizes electric golf push carts. We knew electric carts were convenient, easy to use, and great for saving our backs, but the Navigator Ai GPS+ takes things to the next level.

While we were told, and were hoping for Follow Me and Geo Fence Technology in this unit, we will have to continue waiting. We still recommend this buggy and it will be a GREAT cart for anyone to use. It’s just not what we were hoping for. Alas, we will still use it and wait for the NEXT model to come someday!

The team at GolfIntel were so impressed with this product, we have decided to partner with MGI to make it available to GolfIntel fans.

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  1. How does geofencing work for the AI when the course is cart path only? That is, will the geofence that keeps the two-seat cart on the path allow the AI onto the fairways? Same thoughts approaching the green as many courses stop carts well before the green, guiding carts back to the path.

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