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ORIGINAL POST May 20, 2022

Are you in the market for a new golf putter? If so, you may be wondering what the best option is. There are many different putters on the market, and it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. In this blog post, we will take a look at Lab Golf putters and see how they compare to other options on the market. These Lab Golf putters were PGA Tested to ensure the accuracy of information.

Lab Golf Putters At A Glance (The Three Four Models)

all 3 lab golf putters

Directed Force 2.1

The Directed Force 2.1 is the original putter head from Lab Golf; there are plenty of fitting options for the shaft and the grip with the Directed Force 2.1. This is a lie angle balanced, center-shafted putter that will help golfers get the forgiveness that they are looking for from a Lab putter.


The B.2 is the player’s putter. This is a putter design that you can tell an avid golfer would want to play with. When it comes to simplicity and control, you won’t find a putter head better suited than the B.2. A much more traditional looking putter.


The Mezz.1 is one of the newest putters from the Lab Golf line of putters. You will find this to be a bit of a mix between the Directed Force 2.1 and the B.2. This putter has tremendous playability, it is a lie angle balanced putter, and the look is a bit more traditional than other models on the market.


The Mezz.1 Max is the upsized version of the popular Mezz.1 putter. It is 20% larger than the original Mezz.1 and almost as forgiving as the Directed Force 2.1 without the funky look. Both the Mezz.1 and Mezz.1 Max now come with upgraded custom features as of July, 2022.

The Lab Golf Putters- Complete Review (PGA Tested)

We recently acquired all three of the current Lab golf putters that are currently on the market. In addition to our Lab golf putters review, we have also done several videos relating to the performance of these putters and what we thought.

As always, we try to ensure that we give you honest advice so that our recommendations will be a good fit for your putting stroke and overall game. We think this company has a lot to offer when it comes to patented technology and overall performance, but in the end, you will have to find a putter that works specifically for your needs.

The key idea with Lab Golf is that TORQUE IS BAD. Torque is the twisting of a golf club (ie opening and closing). More twisting equals more missed putts. Lab golf creates all their putters with ZERO TORQUE. We didn’t find any other company doing this.

Let’s take a look at the overall features and benefits as well as some pros and cons of the three Lab golf putters. Even if you are not interested in making a change to your golf equipment at the moment, these center shafted putters have technology that is unlike any other company and worth learning about.


The Mezz.1 is the newest release from Lab golf putters, and it is a high MOI design with a unique shape and some significant built in forgiveness.

MEZZ.1 Video Review
lab golf mezz.1 back view
MEZZ.1 Back Shot
lab golf mezz.1 toe view
MEZZ.1 Toe Shot
lab golf mezz.1 face view
MEZZ.1 Face
lab golf mezz.1 heel view
MEZZ.1 heel view

Features and Benefits

The Mezz.1 has some of the more advanced construction than the other putters from Lab Golf. Although it has a slightly similar look to their Directed Force putter, it is entirely different when you are standing over the ball. For players that need help with controlling the speed of their putts with a modern but not crazy look, the Mezz.1 is a great option to consider.

In the center of the Mezz.1, you will find a CNC machined face made from a stainless steel material. The concept here was to help improve feel without adding in an insert of any kind. None of the Lab Golf putters have an insert, and we did like that about them.

MEZZ.1 Face Grooves

The aircraft aluminum material used in the putter head is different from other putters in the golf industry. You get some good feedback that you would get with a steel head putter but also a bit more forgiveness.

The weights on the Mezz.1 really stand out simply because there are so many of them. There are ten weights in total (eight on the bottom, one on the toe, one on the heel), and they are not interchangeable and not moveable. In fact, when you get this putter sent to you, it comes with a warning that you should not remove the weights on the putter for any reason and doing so would void the warranty!

lab golf mezz.1 weights
Bottom of the MEZZ.1

With a lie angle balanced putter, the removal of these weights will completely throw off the entire performance and premise of what the Lab golf putters are all about.

The Mezz.1 comes with several different grip options, including the Press II 1.5 putter grip. This is something that feels very similar to a traditional putter grip in size. The 3.0 degree forward press model is also available.

press grip 1.5
Press II 1.5 grip
Press II 1.5 grip

When it comes to alignment aids, expect the Mezz.1 to have the option for a blank top down look, a line, or a dot. When we tested, we found the line to be quite helpful.

lab golf mezz.1 from top

The Mezz.1 also comes with the True Temper Stepped Matte shaft, but there are upgrade options from Accra, BGT, and LA Golf for a significant upcharge. The putter with the standard shaft felt great, had an excellent responsive roll, and allowed really impressive distance control. This is the putter we believe will appeal to the widest range of players.

*Update – Mezz.1 Max

PGA Pro Bryan Z talks about all new Mezz.1 Max putter

The recent launch of the Mezz.1 Max allows for some exciting new options. This “super-sized” version of the original Mezz.1 putter is 20% larger and almost as forgiving as the DF2.1 model. Add to the fact that you can now choose head color, various alignment options and 3 different options for head weight (standard, heavy, light) this is now the GO TO model for the masses if picking a Lab Golf putter to play with.

Lab Golf Mezz.1 custom color options
Mezz.1 Custom Color Options
Lab Golf Mezz.1 custom alignment options
Mezz.1 Custom Alignment Options
New Mezz.1 Max
Lab Golf Mezz.1 versus Mezz.1 Max
Mezz.1 compared to new Mezz.1 Max

Best For

The Lab Golf Mezz.1 putter seems to be best for the golfers that are looking for the latest and greatest technology, a mix of forgiveness and control, and incredible consistency. On the practice green, you will have to take a few minutes to get used to the look and feel of the putter itself, but the end results will provide some pretty consistent putting results.

What we like

  • Great putter for distance control
  • Lie angle balance will not twist the face open or closed
  • Options for video fitting
  • Well balanced putters with incredible consistency
  • Far superior technology than most other putters
  • The new putter in the Lab golf lineup
  • Available in standard lengths, armlock (+$80) or broomstick (+$80)

What we don’t like

  • The “double fang” shape is a bit funky
  • Not as forgiving as the Directed Force 2.1
  • Expensive, especially for the occasional golfer

Directed Force 2.1

The Directed Force 2.1 is the original design from the Lab putter brand. The idea here is that all putters struggle with torque and the opening and closing of the putter face. An avid golfer and mini tour player, Bill Presse IV decided he was done with this concept, and he invented the Directed Force 2.1. It’s a BEAST!

lab golf directed force 2.1 bottom view
Directed Force 2.1 bottom view
lab golf directed force 2.1 top view2
Directed Force 2.1 top view
lab golf directed force 2.1 top view
Directed Force 2.1 top view

Features and Benefits

To start off, we should talk about the shape of the Directed Force 2.1. This is a funky looking putter. To be honest, when we first ordered this putter, this was the one out of the three models that I thought I would like the least. In the end, it’s the one I like the best!

lab golf directed force 2.1 bottom view

To be honest, if you can get over the look of the putter at first glance, you will significantly benefit from the technology that it will offer. It was hard to miss with the Lab Golf Directed Force 2.1. The grooves across the face will go all the way across and only leave about a 1/2 inch of space on the heel and the toe of the putter.

lab golf directed force 2.1 face

This makes it considerably easier if you are a player that tends to miss the center of the putter’s face from time to time. By eliminating torque, putting in a high stability shaft, and then combining the forward press grips, you will find that you finally have full control over your putter during your entire stroke.

The putter grip that is most generally recommended with the Directed Force putter is the Press Grip II 3 Degree. This beefy grip allows for the flat front section that can help players feel comfortable, get their hands over or in front of the ball due to its built in “forward press” technology allowing for consistent and quiet hand movement putt after putt.

Press No. II 3.0 Grip

One of the other stand out features of the DF 2.1 is the 36 different alignment aids offered. If you are picky about what the putter looks like from the top down, or the overall color and aesthetics, this is a putter you will love.

The head color options are black, red and blue and we wouldn’t be surprised to see others offered in the near future.

lab golf directed force 2.1 head colors
Directed Force 2.1 head color options

With Lab golf still being a smaller company, if you have a specific alignment aid that you would like on your putter that is not currently offered, simply send them a note with your idea, and they will see what they can do.

There is also a wide range of golf shaft options that you can place in this putter. Golfers will find that the stock shaft, which is a black steel shaft, is quite good, but the upgraded shafts do add a better feel and overall consistency.

Best For

The Directed Force 2.1 is the best overall putter from Lab golf. Although it has a rather unique shape, it seems to be the most effective when it comes to consistency and forgiveness, and has been used by Adam Scott on the PGA tour. The Directed Force 2.1 putter was the original concept that put Lab Golf putters on the map, and it has a lot to offer.

Bryan compares the DF 2.1 stock version and a custom version with upgraded ACCRA shaft

What we like

  • Great feel and consistency
  • Clean looking setup and top down look, especially for center shafted putters
  • Can be great for both lag putting and short putts
  • Options for custom fitting
  • Unbelievable forgiveness
  • Several alignment aid options to choose from
  • Most built-in forward press when using the 3.0 grip
  • Available in standard lengths, armlock (+$35) and broomstick (+$35)

What we don’t like

  • Very forgiving putter but doesn’t offer the same feedback you get with the B.2
  • Shaft upgrades get pretty expensive
  • Ugly – your friends will constantly remind you of that
  • Custom order takes about 6 weeks and costs $150 more to start


The last model we tested from Lab Golf is the B.2. The B.2 is, without a doubt, designed for the golfers with the lowest handicaps and the most consistent putting strokes. With the B.2, you will still get that same lie angle balance that you find with the Directed Force 2.1 Putter and the Mezz.1 putter, but the overall sweet spot is considerably smaller and forgiveness is significantly lower.

B.2 Video Review
lab golf b.2 putter from back
b2 putter from back
lab golf b.2 putter from heel
b2 putter heel
lab golf b.2 putter face
b2 putter face
lab golf b.2 putter from top
b2 putter from top

Features and Benefits

The B.2 can be made from either steel or brass. The putter head is milled from one single piece of material to be an exact fit to what you need as a player. Inside the head of the putter, there are weights that are not moveable and not replaceable. Lab golf even states that it takes them close to an hour to get those weights right when they send you the putter.

lab golf b.2 putter brass
b.2 putter in brass color

With the B.2 brass, you will have a slightly softer feel, and that can help the golfer that feels as though their tendency is to be a bit harsh on the greens. The simplicity of this design is what will really stand out for most players. When you look down at the putter, it is very clean and simplistic.

The B.2 has some shaft upgrade options, as well as choices for alignment aids. If you are a lower handicapper that is tired of looking at big bulky putters, the B.2 is likely going to be the most appealing of all of these putter designs.

lab golf b.2 putter blank alignment
b.2 putter blank top
lab golf b.2 putter dot alignment
b.2 putter dot
lab golf b.2 putter thin line alignment
b.2 putter thin line
lab golf b.2 putter thick line alignment
b.2 putter thick line
lab golf b.2 putter double line alignment
b.2 putter double line

Best For

The B.2 is the low handicapper model. Essentially Lab Golf created the Directed Force 2.1 and realized what amazing technology they had, but they knew that the lower handicap player was likely going to say that the putter itself was ugly. Therefore Lab Golf came out with the B.2 to satisfy this player, but in the process, they lost some forgiveness.

What we like

  • Very satisfying and stable feel
  • Will help the lower handicappers with consistent strokes hole putts from all over the green
  • The small but responsive sweet spot
  • Two material options
  • Custom fitting capabilities – available in standard lengths or broomstick length (+$35)
  • Willing to work with mini tour and other golf professionals to spread the word on this putter

What we don’t like

  • Does not offer the same amount of forgiveness as the Mezz.1 or the Directed Force 2.1
  • Limitations on grip options
  • Still pricey
  • Custom orders can take 6 weeks and cost $150 more to start

Which Lab Golf Putter Is Right For Your Game?

Now that we have gone through the three different models that are currently on the market, it’s time to narrow down which could be the right fit for your game. Here are a few things you may want to consider before investing in the Lab golf putter.


The elephant in the room that we have not really addressed as of yet is the pricing of these putters. The Lab golf putters are not cheap, but if you want a cheap putter, you likely don’t understand the importance of this club in your bag.

  • Directed Force 2.1 – $399 (stock) $549 (custom)
  • MEZZ.1 – $449
  • B.2 – $399 (stock) $549 (custom)

We did find that the company gives you 10% off your first order when you join their email list, so make sure to do that first!

The putter is by far the most important club in the golf bag, and to get a lie angle balanced putter that no other company offers that fits exactly to the specifications of your stroke and putting style is actually quite important. More important than the $500 drivers we now see on the market.

If you don’t see the value in an expensive putter and don’t feel as though saving several strokes per round is worth it, move on from this putter now.


Fitting is so important when it comes to golf putters, specifically length of putter and lie angle. Those are the basics. Don’t get too caught up in shafts and lofts. Lack of fitting length and lie causes more missed putts than people realize.

For some reason, it took the golfing world a really long time to figure this out, but luckily the technology is catching up. What we love about the Lab golf fitting technology is that you can take videos from your home with a putter, and Lab Golf will be able to fit you remotely free of charge.

The fitting process can also happen in person if you find a location close to you that fits the Lab Golf putters. Fitting is something that you should take full advantage of when a company offers it. You can find a Lab Golf fitter local to you here.

lab golf putter fitting head
Lab Golf putter fitting putter
lab golf putter fitting tools
Lab Golf putter fitting system
lab golf putter fitting system
Lab Golf putter fitting system tools

Lab golf sells some of their putters “stock” which will save you money if you fit into their stock specs (putter length and lie angle). You have way more options with a custom order if you have the money.


At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preferences. What type of feel are you looking for? What style putter is your favorite? Do you care about the color or the material of the putter head?

All of these factors come into play when choosing which Lab golf putter is right for you. Be sure to look at all of the options when it comes to shaft upgrades. We personally found some of the shaft upgrades to be a bit expensive, and the stock shaft that is put into this putter is really not a bad option all on its own.

Missed Putts

How do you miss your putts when you are playing golf? Do you have a speed control issues or an alignment issue? Are you simply just inconsistent everywhere?

The misses will help guide you into which of the Lab golf putters is best for your needs. If you can start a ball on the intended target line but struggle with control, the Mezz.1 is a great option. For those that are inconsistent and want the most stable putter ever created, the Directed Force 2.1 is a great option to consider.

The players that choose the B.2 likely have a lot of control over their stroke and can hit the sweet spot 95% of the time!

Lab Golf Fitting (Everything To Know)

The Lab Golf fitting process is unique, and it’s something that all customers should take full advantage of. The remote fitting is the option that will likely work the best for most golfers as the number of Lab Golf fitting locations is still growing but does include some big box retailers like PGA Tour Superstore and Club Champion.

Recently their putters have become more popular, and you may be lucky enough to find a fitting center near you.

While the in-person fitting is always best and takes about 10 minutes, the remote fitting option works incredibly well as long as you follow the directions that are offered on the website. It’s very simple as you only need to record a five second video while wearing your golf shoes. You will find a level surface with a vertical edge in the background; these can then be used by the fitter to ensure that your putter’s lie angle is perfect when you order it.

If you have any questions during the video creation process, you can email Lab Golf, and they will take care of it for you. Overall we found the fitting to be relatively easy and very accurate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gofers that are ready to invest in Lab Golf putters should ask questions. This is a big investment into your game, and as much as we liked the Directed Force 2.1 and its performance, it does not mean it is the right putter for everyone’s game.

Are Lab putters any good?

Lab putters surprised us when we tested them, these putters are expensive, and they claim to be unique, which is something that all golf manufacturers have tried before. However, after testing out all three Lab Golf putter models, we found that they are all incredibly unique with the most square faces we’ve ever seen. The lie angle balanced putter truly keeps the face square the entire time you swing the putter, and we have yet to find another putter on the market that will do this.

Do any pro golfers use lab putters?

More and more pro golfers are starting to look at switching to the Lab golf putters. Our sources tell us there are a lot of tour pros “testing” and evaluating. Currently, Adam Scott is using the MEZZ.1 and sometimes the Directed Force 2.1, which is also the most forgiving of the three putter models. The forgiveness offered in this putter does not take away the overall feel and performance, and it is without a doubt fit for a tour player among others.

Adam Scott using the LAB Golf Directed Force 2.1 broomstick version
Charl Schwartzel Mezz.1 2022 Masters
Charl Schwartzel using the MEZZ.1 in the 2022 Masters

Is a Lab Golf putter worth it?

The big question golfers have about the Lab Golf putters is whether or not they are worth the money. These are some of the more expensive options on the market, and the overall investment is a big one. The good news here is that the putter technology is unique; it is effective and will not need to be upgraded for a very long time. If you are a serious player that invests a lot of their time into the game and wants to get better, the Lab golf putter is easily worth it.

Remember this… these putters are currently priced like high-end drivers. You use your putter multiple times every single hole during a round. You don’t do that with a driver. A great putter will lower your score way faster than a driver ever could.

Where are Lab putters made?

The Lab putters are made in the USA; the company is headquartered in Eugene, OR. As the Lab putters continue to grow, they will likely have to expand their manufacturing facilities to other areas across the country.

Conclusion: Are Lab Putters Worth It?


The biggest takeaway from our Lab Golf putters review was the fact that these putters are truly unique. So many golf clubs, golf equipment, and golf training aids come on the market claiming to be “the only one like it.” However, after putting this putter in the bag for a few weeks and using it during competitive play, we can see how the technology has helped players to improve. We also see the gap in the market that Bill Presse intelligently scoped out. If you’re a serious player who understands a great putter’s importance, the Lab Golf putters are well worth it. For the best pricing email us at and mention you saw this post.

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