Best 3 Affordable Golf Launch Monitors Reviewed 2022

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If you’re a golfer who is looking for the best 3 affordable golf launch monitors on the market, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will review three of the best budget-friendly options for golfers of all handicap levels. We’ll discuss what each one has to offer and help you decide which one is right for you. So whether you’re just starting in golf or you’re a seasoned pro, read on to find the perfect affordable golf launch monitor for your needs!

Best 3 Affordable Golf Launch Monitors (2022)

If you are in a hurry, here are the top 3 that we highly recommend. Keep reading to find out more and which one may be the best launch monitor for your game.

Our summary

Best Overall: Flightscope Mevo

Easiest To Use: Voice Caddie SC300

Best For Game Improvement: Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

Flightscope Mevo Launch Monitor (Best Overall)

The Flightscope Mevo Launch Monitor is the best overall option on the market for an affordable golf launch monitor. Calling this Flightscope Mevo Launch Monitor affordable does not mean that it is cheap; it simply is a product that makes sense to spend money on.

The Flightscope Mevo will measure . . .

  • Carry distance
  • Club head speed
  • Ball speed
  • Smash Factor
  • Vertical Launch Angle
  • Spin
  • Apex Height
  • Flight Time

These factors can give you some accurate results about your golf swing, all while just hitting balls on the driving range. The Flightscope Mevo does have enough data to be used with a golf simulator setup, but the Flightscope Mevo + is better suited as it has 16 data parameters. The more data, the better the simulator experience.

One of our favorite features of the Flightscope Mevo is its size. This is such a small unit that you can keep it in your bag and simply setup it up anytime you head to the driving range. The battery life is strong and will last for several hours.

The Flightscope Mevo is also very easy to use. Just hit a few balls, and all of your data will be displayed on your phone via Bluetooth. From there, you can save the shots, review them, or share them with your friends.

If you set the Mevo up with the app that downloads to your phone, you can use it to record video and then compare the data and the video to work on your swing. Overall you won’t find too many golf launch monitors in this price range that have the kind of quality and functionality that the Flightscope Mevo has.

What we like

  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Collects 8 data parameters
  • High level of accuracy
  • It can be used with a golf simulator
  • Very fair pricing for the technology that it offers

What we don’t like

  • It’s nice when a portable launch monitor displays some of the data for you to see, to see the date with Mevo, you have to log in to the app

Voice Caddie SC300 (Easiest To Use)

The Voice Caddie SC300 is one of the best golf launch monitors for golfers who want an easy-to-use setup for their practice sessions. The Voice Caddie SC300 sets up in a matter of seconds, and you won’t even have to use your phone when working with the Voice Caddie.

This affordable golf launch monitor will measure. . .

  • Carry distance
  • Total distance
  • Smash Factor
  • Launch angle
  • Swing Speed
  • Max height
  • Ball Speed

All of these data points can be very helpful, but what we like about the Voice Caddie SC300 is how it displays the data. After each swing, the Voice Caddie will give you an audible report on your shot if you want it to. Hearing the ball data and not having to look at the mobile device or the launch monitor itself can really help with that instant feedback.

As this is more of a budget-friendly model, you can’t expect the accuracy you would see with something like the SkyTrak Launch Monitor or the TrackMan Launch Monitor, as this does not collect club path data.

The Voice Caddie will work as an indoor launch monitor, and the feedback is almost instantaneous after hitting a shot. The Voice Caddie comes in a slightly more expensive model that will also record a video of you hitting the golf ball.

What we like

  • It comes with a remote
  • Will read data out loud after it is collected
  • Affordable launch monitor with accurate data
  • No need to use a cell phone while on the golf course or driving range

What we don’t like

  • Additional Ball flight and club path data would be a great addition

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor (Best For Game Improvement)

If 2022 is your year to change your golf game, then the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is one of the best options you can make. More than any other launch monitor, we found the Rapsodo to be motivating and almost fun to work with. While you are on the range, you can set this launch monitor up and watch your progress week after week.

The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor will work with the use of your phone, and it is incredibly accurate, especially when it comes to distance.

This is a very popular choice for many golf coaches as they can help their students see the progress that they are making. This launch monitor will also capture data on ball spin, launch angle, and carry distance. The best feature of the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is how it gives you access to all of your data online. Even when your practice session is finished, you can check on the results and progress.

The Rapsodo Mobile Launch monitor is used both indoors and outdoors, and it has excellent compatibility with mobile devices. We felt like this was part GPS unit, part mobile launch monitor, part golf coach. Truly for a newer player or one working on their game, this could be the best overall launch monitor.

What we like

  • An excellent option for a new player to consider
  • Shot trace and data overall options
  • Very high levels of accuracy
  • Ready to use in less than one minute
  • Instant feedback

What we don’t like

  • Will drain the battery in your phone rather quickly

Buyers Guide: How To Choose An Affordable Golf Launch Monitor

When it comes to choosing an affordable golf launch monitor, there will be a few different factors that you want to consider. The first is your budget; after all, you are reading how to choose the best affordable golf launch monitor!

However, once your budget is in place, there are some important things to keep in mind to ensure that you get the right technology.

Data Parameters

Golf launch monitors are capable of measuring a wide range of data parameters from a player. This can include things like club speed, launch direction, ball speed, total distance, carry distance, horizontal launch angle, smash factor, and more.

In the affordable golf launch monitor price range, you won’t see much about the swing path or spin on the golf shots you are hitting. Personal golf launch monitors rarely offer this type of data until you get into the $1000 and up range for more advanced doppler radar technology.


Does the launch monitor need to be used with your phone?

How long is the battery life?

Can you record a video?

How will you analyze your results?

Before you invest in a golf launch monitor, you should be able to answer all of these questions about the unit you are purchasing. The majority of launch monitors in this price range will require the use of your mobile device to help them work. More expensive or advanced models will have the ability to record data and display it without using your device.

The best golf launch monitor for you is the one that allows you to get the data you need in the way you like it delivered. All three of our top choices have slightly different ways in which they can be used; in the end, you will get quite a bit of the same data.

Storage/Battery Life/Ease of Use

If you are going to spend $500 or more on a launch monitor, it’s good to understand a few of the basics like how to take care of it, how to set it up, and how long it takes to charge.

All three of our best affordable golf launch monitors will be set up within a matter of minutes. We did find that setup outside seems to be a bit easier than setting up inside. Put a few golf balls where you plan to hit from, and make sure that the golf launch monitor is positioned in the right spot.

Most of the time, you will need several feet behind the ball in order to get the most accurate results. The battery life should last for three to five hours, and that should be more than enough for a practice session on the range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you remember when rangefinders first came out, and golfers were all questioning whether or not they needed one? That is how things are with the launch monitor at this point. For so many years, professional launch monitors were challenging to get access to, and the average golfer would have to sign up for a custom fitting to get one. Today the technology is more affordable and easy to access, and it’s time to jump into this game.

Do I need a launch monitor?

If you are someone who loves data and analyzing your golf swing, then the answer is probably yes. However, if you are just looking to hit the ball farther, there are other ways to achieve that goal. If you want to improve your game, you can simply start taking golf lessons and get information from a professional.

Are golf launch monitors difficult to set up?

Most of the personal golf launch monitors for golfers take just a matter of minutes to set up, and players that are not good with technology won’t even have an issue with this. Keep in mind that golf launch monitors may take a bit of tweaking initially, but once they are working, it should take less than 60 seconds for them to be up and ready.

Will affordable golf launch monitors work with a simulator?

Some affordable golf launch monitors collect enough data to work with a golf simulator. The key here is to determine which data points you need for the simulator to be accurate and then look for a launch monitor that can collect these things for you. The FLightscope Mevo is a very popular one to use with a launch monitor.


We hope that this guide has helped you in your journey to find the best affordable golf launch monitor for your game. There are many different factors that go into choosing the right one. If you take your time and do your research, we are confident that you will be happy with your purchase. For those still on the fence about which model is best, the Flightscope Mevo will be your best overall option on the market in 2022.

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