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We Research, Test and Recommend Based On Our REAL Professional Experience...

If the product is great, we'll tell you. If the product isn't, we'll tell you that too. Mostly, we will tell you the pros and cons as we see them based on our professional opinions. This allows you to decide what's best for YOUR game. Other sites are actually fake golf "gurus" without professional experience.

Trust the pros at GolfIntel for guidance so you can play your very best golf!

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At GolfIntel, we work from a code of ethics stemming from the PGA itself.  Our main mission is to grow the game of golf…period.

When we give people good information, they get good results, they enjoy the game and we’ve done our job.  

This game has a lot to offer.  With that also comes confusion.  So many products, so many tips, tricks, technology, methods, manufacturers and gurus out there teaching completely opposite things.  How can you ever figure out what’s right for you?

Since 1995, our pros have been teaching, recommending, fitting and researching everything from A to Z in this great game.  That’s real experience.

Now we’re bringing this knowledge and experience online, to the masses.  




We take multiple angles in the research process to give you accurate information.  Manufacturer websites, field testing, launch monitor testing and golfer opinions are all taken into consideration at various levels.  We’ll show you as much video and images of our process as we can (unlike other sites.)

We won’t guess.  If we aren’t sure, we won’t review it.  While our reviews are our opinions, there’s a lot of experience behind what we tell you so you can be confident in the data.



We’ve seen A LOT of fakes out there.  Honestly that’s why GolfIntel was started.  Far too many people hiding behind fake names with fake credentials pushing bad info.  

We show our faces, we take real pictures, we shoot real videos.  We will tell you if we ever have a paid promotion or not up front.  We will put actual effort in finding you the best prices for products on the internet.  That’s transparency.



The PGA taught us at the very beginning that we are the ones in charge of keeping this great game moving forward.  We take that seriously.  

We’ll bring you many different angles for product reviews, recommendations and suggestions so you get the full  golf picture.  Everyone is different, we understand that.  We will do our best to bring everything we can to the table so you play better!


Meet Our Management Team

A wealth of experience, always looking for the next great products to review and recommend to help your game.
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